How we can help

Removal, Relocate and Recycle

We can arrange the removal and recycle of your old furniture. Whether the items are no longer required or whether you want to reuse them on a different site, we can manage the removal, relocation, disposal and recycling of your old furniture. When recycling is required, we assess the items and the options available, which include breaking items down to their constituent parts for specialist recycling.  We also work with local charities, schools and other community organization’s that can benefit from items you no longer need.

We hold all the relevant licenses and exceptions for recycling and disposal and will provide all the supporting legal documents.

Distribution and Specialist Installers

We work with UK and European partners to distribute furniture items throughout the UK. Managing the delivery of their products to their customers. We offer a flexible solution that can include the collection of product from our partners warehouses for delivery to their customers or alternatively our warehouses can be used as a distribution hub, where will manage the stock and distribution to their customers.

We will always ensure the product is delivered on time and as required providing paperwork and transparency throughout the process.

We also work with our partners to install specialist furniture and associated items to their customers site. We work with our partners to ensure our team is fully trained to ensure our partners products are install correctly on their customers sites.

We provide snagging and sign off reports, out of hours and weekend installations and deliveries. We ensure we are always health and safety compliant.